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A Xiaomi spokesperson said, “We have noticed that some netizens who don’t know the truth and self-media have spread and reported related content about “Xiaomi mobile phones no longer support GMS”. We think it is necessary to clarify this situation to avoid misrepresentation.”

Regarding the rumors that "Xiaomi mobile phones no longer support GMS", Xiaomi said that the Xiaomi community answer group does not represent the official voice of Xiaomi. At present, we have noticed that in some reports, it is purely a rumor that Xiaomi phones do not support GMS services, but it is not. AWS ec2 distance-instance

Xiaomi said that some domestic models have pre-installed the GMS service framework, and these models will not be affected. For models that do not have a GMS service framework pre-installed in the system, users will no longer be specifically supported to install the GMS framework by themselves. In the future, we will add more models of GMS systems pre-installed to meet your needs. At the same time, Xiaomi also said that the international version of the model will not be affected. ec2 selector

GMS is a resident back-end service developed by Google. Its main purpose is to provide basic location services, account login services, mobile phone backup services, and so on. Most of Google's own applications rely on GMS when starting and installing, and non-Google applications are completely unaffected.


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